Part of living yoga in your life is living a simpler life.

A life that allows you to be present, direct your attention well and maintain focus on what is most important.

When the ancient yogis were developing the philosophies, theories and practices of yoga over the past centuries, they were not faced with the superhighway of information that is being beamed into our virtual inboxes and dumped on our kitchen countertops.

The yogis of previous ages didn't have kindy artwork and school notes arriving in their homes faster than a proud mama can pin them to the fridge door.

They certainly didn't have tens of thousands of photos of their smiling children and family vacations on four different devices in countless locations.

I can help you tame the information coming into your life.  The things you need to do, the bills you need to pay, the paper you need to keep, the information you need to remember.



Workshop: Practical presence



What attendees had to say about the Practical Presence workshop:


I had a great time at The Yoga Parent workshop learning about theoretical concepts and practical ways to simplify my life and focus my mind.  Sandra embodies the mindfulness journey and I look forward to learning more. - Kelly


Freeing.  Helped me make sense of what I am experiencing and provided me with some strategies to cope and manage my professional and personal life - Lin


The workshop really helped me to understand that I need to concentrate on "me" to be able to concentrate on all the "stuff" that needs to happen and also focus on all the people in my life. - Mehernaz


Thank you Sandra. You're so warm and gifted in facilitating groups and also bringing depth and lasting meaning to my yoga experience. - Michelle



Next Workshop Date:  TBC


A new workshop that I’m excited to offer to our yoga community of women who are interested in creating a more spacious relationship with time and attention. 

“Yoga chitta vritti nirodah” 

Yoga is the containment and focusing of the fluctuations of our thoughts


In living yoga in my own life, I strive to apply the practices of yoga to achieve the clarity that the ancient yogis were interested in.

As a parent I know how challenging this can be.  Without a quiet cave on the side of a mountain to run away to, or even the ability to beam myself away to a 10 day silent retreat, I’m faced with the question of how do we create the peace and presence of the ancient yogis and spiritual masters right here and now.

The reality is that as a mother I wear a lot of hats.  My role is not just yogi and spiritual aspirant, as the creator(s) of the yoga sutras probably were. I am a mother, carer, worker, partner, householder, coordinator, driver, executive assistant, business runner, bookkeeper and chief domestic officer all rolled into one.

There is a lot of information coming my way in my modern life and I was concerned that being a busy parent was not compatible with the mindful life I was after. Never-mind the enlightenment that the yogis were after, I just want to be relaxed and be a present parent at the same time.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss what the purpose of yoga is
  • How does yoga apply to our life outside the yoga class
  • Discover how to stay relaxed while being a busy parent
  • The balance between being and doing
  • Introduce yoga philosophy concepts relating to the mind
  • What the function of our mind is, and isn't
  • Discuss why you need a digital strategy
  • Make it easy for you to manage the flow of information


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