Turning the mundane into the magical

Turning the mundane into the magical in parenting http://www.theyogaparent.com

We practice yoga to feel something.  More open, more connected, more free.

Because this is what we want to feel in every moment, not just in the tiny slice of our life on the yoga mat.

Yoga is a way to know ourselves.  We come to know our body.  Then we know our breath.  Then we have access to our own minds.  In this knowing we get that that flash of the clarity and freedom that is possible.  The dichotomy is that in this knowing we also begin to know all the places where we are not fully open and present.

We get lost in the distraction and noise of our lives because it's easier than diving into our own mind.  This knowing that comes with opening up with yoga is difficult.

But it is of utmost importance that we stay there, we continue with this knowing, as when we know ourselves better we can make our relationships and our lives better.

Nowhere is this more relevant than when we are trying to be the best parents we can with our children.

We look for how to's and guidelines on sleep schedules, what to feed them, research schools and education, is screen time ok or not, what extra curricular activities are best, are we giving them enough opportunities.  Because we think it means we care.  But how much time do we spend looking beyond this superficial layer of parenting our children and start looking at the quality of our relationships with our children?

How connected do we feel with them in each moment?  Do we really hear what they are saying when they speak?  Do we feel flow and freedom when we are caring for their needs?  Are we creating a safe and sacred space for them in our presence?  Not merely a warm house and a comfortable bed.  The space that we hold for them when they are standing before us.

As Maya Angelou is quoted as saying, "Do your eyes light up when your child walks into the room?"

When we come together with our child, that moment can be a transaction or it can be magic.  The life that exists between the child and the parent is full of the mundane.  These every day moments and jobs are what most of our time and energy is engaged with.  My thinking is the mundane may as well be our practice.  Our yoga that takes place the other 23 hours of the day.

Is dinner time a thing to just get through or can it be more?

Is school pick-up a duty or can this moment be infused with more intention?

Is tucking a baby in for sleep a routine or a can it be a ritual?

Turning the mundane into the magical in parenting http://www.theyogaparent.com

The everyday moments of parenting are an opportunity for magic.  They are the place where we can take the connection and clarity that we tasted in yoga and allow it to pour into our relationships with our family.