On freedom

Freedom What are we looking for when we are trying to get all the toys and clothes off the floor?  What are we hoping for when we get to the bottom of the laundry basket?  What are we looking to find when all the dishes are done?  Why are we clearing our calendars so that we can run out and make that yoga class?

It's freedom.

Have you considered what is driving the reason you are looking to get things Done. Sorted. Finished. Cleared. Put Away. Chances are you are searching for Freedom.





Most parents I know, including myself, have run through that line, "Remember before we had children?  We could do whatever we wanted!"

The reality is there will be another load of laundry, more toys on the floor, another sink of dirty dishes.  We make it to yoga for that precious hour, and then we are home again with all the chatter, the clutter, the cleaning.

Freedom isn't everything being finished, complete, done.  Because things never are.

Freedom isn't having endless choices.  Think about the days before parenthood.  Did you really feel completely content and fulfilled and free even then when you could, "do whatever you wanted"?

Within each of us is the ability to access freedom.  A feeling of spaciousness and flow in the daily tasks in our daily lives.  It's hanging out the laundry and noticing the smell of the breeze.  It's helping your child in the bath and laughing as they tell you about their day.  It's taking out the trash and realising there's a full moon.  It's finding a way to step back into what we already have and noticing the good stuff rather than wishing for things to be swept away, put away or finished.

"Commitment is true freedom"

Our story in parenting is never finished.  I once heard someone say that commitment is true freedom.  In our commitment to our role as parents to our children, with everything that entails, there is the possibility of finding freedom.  We just need to know where to look.  And that place is the present.

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