The Yoga Parent

The idea of The Yoga Parent was ignited during a time when yoga has reached a popularity high in the west.  A time where every major city hosts dozens of yoga studios offering yoga in a myriad of forms from the more traditional to more curious variations such as "hip hop yoga".  Yoga has become a class at your local gym as standard as a Pump class.  It is as trendy as CrossFit.  Our intense desire for a lean, fit body is a major force to driving yoga to its current level of popularity. But peel back the glossy outer image of yoga in the West today and you will find there exists an immense body of ancient philosophy and psychology that deals with primarily shedding your baggage and becoming more in touch with your true nature.  This is the place that allows us to live fully, openly and honestly with ourselves and the people around us.

We are also in a time where parenting has become a heated arena of differing styles, types, opinions.  Fuelled by a boom in the number of children being born and the power of the internet to perpetuate and dispense parenting advice, the average parent finds themselves bombarded with thousands of perfectly curated, Pinned, Facebooked and Instagrammed nuggets of parenting perfection.  If only I could dress my child in the hippest fashions, whip out the most engaging crafts, be completely attached and bonded with her, but also enjoy my skinny soy latte during my healthy dose of me time, all while executing the perfect warrior pose.  Believe me because I've tried...

Pinterest fail Angelina Ballerina

Seriously, parenting is a tough gig.  It's probably always been a sticky zone for comparison and self-judgement.  But now it's all so out there.  All the good bits from not just our facebook friends but complete strangers are out there for you to measure yourself against.  All of this taking us further away from our true nature.  The place where we can parent our children whole heartedly, guided by the force of our love and intuition into this uncharted territory of parenting your unique child.  As mysterious and terrifying as exploring the corners of your own mind and body.

So The Yoga Parent was born.  If you're looking for parenting advice, how to tame your tantruming toddler or how to overcome before dawn wake ups, you won't find it here.  But you might want to stick around to see how some practices from this thing called yoga, a 5000 year old Indian tradition taught by a bunch of men for men has anything at all to do with this soul shifting gig called parenting.

I don't claim to be "The Yoga Parent" or some expert dispensing advice on how to raise your child or run your family.  The Yoga Parent is an idea, a concept that encapsulates what it is to parent from the essence of your being.  It explores what yoga means when you take away the poses, the movement, the sleek sexy body and throw in a baby, a child, a partner, a fun fabulous family life.  What is that yoga all for in the web of our relationships with each other?

© 2015 Sandra Wang