"Because I like it!"


This is currently my toddler’s favourite response to almost anything we ask of her.

“Why don’t you use the toilet?”
“Because I like it!”

“Why are you playing with that?”
“Because I like it!”

“Why are you all wet?”
“Because I like it!”

Upon dropping a fresh apple through a gap in the stairs to see what will happen, “why did you do that?”
“Because I like it!”
Immediately followed by rolling the apple down the stairs.
“Because I like it!”

It’s a great answer.

Some may feel that we can’t just go around doing whatever we want.  After all, isn’t that what growing up is about?  Overcoming our desires and doing what is deemed appropriate rather than what takes our fancy?

Over time, we have been taught to do what is acceptable rather than what would make us feel good. 

At some point we become so well trained to do things that are expected of us that the message in our head may as well be, “because they expect me to”.

Have you ever stopped to ask, who are “they” and why do “they” get to have any say over what you want to do?

Sometimes I think that my entire practice of meditation and yoga is to find a path back to my own knowing.  So that I can understand where I’m acting in ways that are what is expected of me, so that I can do more things simply “because I like it.”