A Realistic Resolution for This New Year

After the storm of activity at the end of a busy year, we find ourselves looking ahead into 2016, possibly with a clutch of resolutions, goals and dreams we are hoping to manifest this year.

While the turning of the calendar might be a completely arbitrary time, the symbolism and energy of closing off a year and stepping into a new one makes it a superb time to check in with where we are today and what we wish to look forward to.

As a parent, I now mark the rapid passage of time by simply looking at my children.  Looking back at each year is a mash up of birthdays, births, milestones, celebrations, achievements sprinkled amongst the rhythm of the day-to-day.

Some will have a list of resolutions they are aiming to keep.  Perhaps there are things on the "bucket list" that you plan to check off.  There are big dreams for your family, your life, your career just waiting to grow wings and take flight.

If you are reading this blog, I know you are probably like me, a parent with your hands all over many projects, people and activities.  And most certainly you are not just dreaming on behalf of yourself.  Chances are you have dreams for your children.  Or you have resolutions about how you wish you behave at home with your family.  Perhaps your personal goals feel dependant on your family stage right now.

I get it, you are busy.

So I'm going to suggest an alternative way to navigate this year ahead of us.

Just one little word

How do you want your life, your environment, your relationships to feel this year?  Choose that and see what shifts.  

One word can have greater impact than a list of 10 resolutions that you may or may not keep.  One word is so much easier to keep track of, to keep in mind, to keep focused on.

My words from previous years have included Focus, Clarity and last year, Ease featured prominently.

For 2016.  BRAVE.

What's your one little word?  I'd love to hear it.

Sandra WangComment