The Yoga Parent is here to create a dialogue about what it means to take the practices of yoga into your life as a parent.  Yoga is an immensely practical discipline that goes beyond the physical.  It has so many interesting aspects that can be applied to your life as a parent.  Mostly to do with being conscious of how we as individuals relate to the people and the world around us and then how this translates to how you relate to your child in a conscious way.

The Yoga Parent is written by Sandra Wang.  She is a mother of three children ranging from baby to school aged, as well as a yoga teacher.  She has practiced yoga for 16 years and has a particular interest in the philosophy and psychology that arises from the Yoga Sutras and other yoga texts and how it practically relates to a modern person living in a modern world.  Having practiced yoga through pregnancy, birth and raising three young children, she has a very personal relationship with how yoga can impact the life of a parent. 

Sandra's interest lies in the inner experience of yoga and how it creates waves in the rest of our lives.  Her teaching is influenced by the yoga of Patanjali arising from the Yoga Sutra and the Ashtanga method of yoga.  She has had the great pleasure of studying with some of Australia's finest teachers.  Sandra received her certification with Judy Krupp and John Ogilvie from whom she learned the integration of the traditional methods of yoga with functional movement.  She received further training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Angelika Knoerzer, also learning from teachers such as Dena Kingsberg and Gregor Maehle.  Sandra continues her studies of the Yoga Sutra with Michael de Manincor.  Adriana Cortazzo remains one of her constant sources of inspiration as a teacher.