The Yoga Parent is a place to find your peace, presence and attention in the midst of a busy modern life.

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Schedule & Pricing

Sunday in Meadowbank

Shepherd's Bay Community Centre, 3A Bay Drive, Meadowbank

8 - 9 am every Sunday except during major public holidays

April Schedule:

19-22 April - Easter Long Weekend Yoga Intensive (more details here)

Sunday 21 April - Sandra

Sunday 28 April - Sandra

May Schedule:

** Excited to share that we will be operating in a gorgeous new space in West Ryde from May onwards

Saturday 4 May - 10.15-11.45am FREE community class at The Yoga Room St Ives (click here to register)

Sunday 5 May - Visnja

Sunday 12 May - Sandra

Sunday 19 May - Sandra

Sunday 26 May - Sandra


  • Trial class - FREE

  • 10 class pass - $170 (use within 6 months)

  • 5 class pass - $100 (use within 3 months)

  • Casual class - $25

About Sandra

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It is Sandra’s heartfelt belief that yoga should have no goal other than to connect our body and our breath together so that our minds can feel released from the constant pressure and chatter, so that the higher states of being can be realised. 

Her yoga practice spans over 16 years, the formative years spent in the practice of Ashtanga yoga.  Sandra’s appreciation of yoga lies in the richness of the philosophy and guidance it brings to her life and the practical tools it provides for her to navigate her everyday existence. 

Today her practice and her teaching is a synthesis of functional movement, psychology and yogic philosophy, with an emphasis on gentleness while offering a dose of challenge.  

Sandra is a mother of three and uses the tools of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to inspire her life daily.


Teachers of note

Major Influences

Judy Krupp

Functional movement, modern evidence based yoga for the modern practitioner

Elena Brower

Yoga practices for developing personal integrity and truth

Michael de Manincor

Inspiration in yoga philosopy and East-West conceptions of the mind

Adriana Cortazzo

Intuition, poetry, living your practice

Other influences

Angelika Knoerzer - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Maria Kirsten - Functional movement, yoga for grownups

Donna Farhi - A balanced practice

J. Brown Yoga - Gentle is the new advanced




My Sunday morning yoga has guided me on my path to mindfulness, to creating a spaciousness about myself and in more concrete terms, to build that consciousness of every single breath I take... I can say that it is one of the big “WOWS” for me at the moment.
— Emma, Yoga mama and yoga grandmama
I had a great time at The Yoga Parent workshop learning about theoretical concepts and practical ways to simplify my life and focus my mind. Sandra embodies the mindfulness journey and I look forward to learning more.
— Kelly, Attended yoga and simplicity workshop
Freeing. Helped me make sense of what I am experiencing and provided me with some strategies to cope and manage my professional and personal life.
— Lin, Attended yoga and simplicity workshop
Fun experience for a beginner yoga mum. Loved coming to the class and learning new poses.
— Daniella, Mums & Bubs Yoga
This class is a fun time out to relax with your baby and other mums.
— Yoga mama about Mums & Bubs Yoga


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